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Scratch It. Let's Start Again.

Okay, let's start again. I'll go unscreen entries in a few and you all can start over. I'm scratching the last contest and starting over. Sound good to everyone? Great. I was just making it more difficult than it really was. So, more simple, and reliable, sw_chorus!!!

EDIT: Then again, we could have voting on the last one. Okay, you conviced me. Voting in the next post. XD

Now. Here's your lyrics. Use pictures from any movie you like. You can enter two icons. Leave the URL in a comment with your entry icon(s). Say whether or not you want a banner if you win. We'll end this... this coming friday, July 1st. Great? Great. Happy iconing.

You woke the morning up
Running off the darkest night
The longest fight I've seen
Here goes a chance I know
Cashing in on all my chips
Let all my ships come fly

And I won't back down
I won't turn around and around
And I won't back down
Doesn't matter what comes crashing down
I'm still gonna stand on solid ground

Won't Back Down by Mat Kearney
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