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Woohoo, I'm going to go ahead and give you contest #14.

This will end Tuesday, July 12th.

Now. Here's your lyrics. Use at least four consecutive words. Use pictures from any Star Wars movie you like. You can enter two icons. Leave the URL in a comment with your entry icon(s). Say whether or not you want a banner if you win.

How dare you call this love,
Ooh thats what they say,
It's an urge you gotta fight!
How dare you call this love,
when it flies in the face of
all that is good and is right

You've got it all and
you're always my first port of call,
This is the happiest I've ever been,
And I know I should wait,
But you're laying it all out on a plate,
And I'm just a pawn when the laws of nature intervene...

How Dare You (Call This Love)
by The Darkness
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