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Enter Week 15!

Reminder to check out this post!

Use at least 4 consecutive words from the lyrics provided. You can enter up to two icons. Post your entry(ies) URL ONLY. Again, URL ONLY. Say whether or not you'd like a banner if you win.
We'll end this one on Tuesday, July 19th.
Use any Star Wars movie. The icon must fit eljay regulations, blah de blah. You know the drill. Happy Iconing.

You're the air that I breathe
The sun when it breaks through the clouds
You're all that I need
But I know that you're having some doubts
Beggin' you please girl
I'm sorry I let you down

I'm broken like a promise
I'm shattered like a dream
I'm broken with all my pieces scattered
'round for you to see
I'm broken like record
I sing the same old song
I'm broken like the heart of a man
that's run away from love too long
Girl what about you
What about you girl

Broken by Everlast
suggested by mzrison
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